Join our very popular and well-established drama and acting classes in Launceston. We help young people to explore their inner selves, enabling them to become vibrant inspirational people of the future.

With us your children will:

  • Stretch their imagination
  • Learn communication skills, so much needed in life, by analyzing human behaviour and learning acting techniques for creating different characters and expressing all kinds of emotions
  • Experiment with their voices and physical movement to improve their speaking and singing abilities and become lighter and more in control of their bodies
  • Build their confidence and self-esteem through being encouraged to freely express their feelings and be who they are
  • Have lots of fun in a safe and encouraging environment

Group 1 (School Year 7+)

The times and venue to be confirmed in October 2020

£78 per term

(based on 12 classes per term)

Group 2 (School Years 3 – 6)

The times and venue to be confirmed in October

£78 per term

(based on 12 classes per term)


Autumn Term 2019

6 weeks

3,10,17, 24 November

1, 8 December

Spring Term 2020

11 weeks

Dates to be confirmed

Summer Term 2020

12 weeks

Dates to be confirmed

At Oksigen Theatre every child, of all abilities, is offered an unforgettable experience of live stage performances. All students have the opportunity to take part in an annual big show and appear in various concerts.

We always try to employ tutors with experience in working with children and professional performing background.

By signing your child to our activities you are agreeing to abide by Oksigen Theatre’s