1. To enable students to participate in society as responsible and mature individuals through developing in the students a sense of commitment and awareness of others and their needs.

2. To act as mentors for young people by providing advice and assistance and organising programmes of creative and educational activities relating to the performing arts.

3. To help students to develop acting skills such as voice projection, stage movement, character development, stage presence and clarity of speech.

4. To help students to develop the ability to take directions and be ambitious and confident.

5. To teach students to accept and give constructive criticism.

6. To help students to develop creative imagination and logical thinking.

7. To provide a secure environment and enjoyable experience whilst maintaining discipline conducive to learning.


1. Must be willing and committed to working with all other students and instructors.

2. Come to the lessons prepared, dressed in Oksigen Theatre uniform and appropriate shoes.  Hair should be kept away from the face.

3. Must be respectful to each other and all instructors and volunteers.

4. Must participate in all community concerts and appearances.

5. Must understand and appreciate that theatre is a team enterprise and everyone depends on everyone.


1. Understand and support the commitment their children make to Oksigen Theatre.

2. Encourage their children to respect the rules of Oksigen Theatre.

3. Treat all tutors and volunteers of Oksigen Theatre with respect.

4. Inform Oksigen Theatre of any concerns or dissatisfactions as soon as they arise by email.