Play by Oksana Wroath
Songs Lyrics by Michael Drynan
World Classical music
Directed by Oksana Wroath
Launceston Town Hall
November 2015

What our audience said about the show:

What a wonderful performance last night, thank you so much for asking us along. You must be very proud, Oksana!

Anita White

What a fantastic show – best one ever. Well done all involved.

Tracey Carmichael

Great show last night everyone. Well done. Spectacular sets and costumes….not to mention the fantastic acting and hard work behind the scenes.

Nicola Nuttall

I have to say that I wasn’t sure if this play would be my cup of tea but oh goodness how wrong I could be … Such a brilliant twist on Shakespeare, superb acting from all and fantastic evening’s entertainment from local talent. I took a day annual leave, left on the train from Chippenham, Wiltshire at 06.40 just to support Alyssa, my granddaughter, but my goodness it was so worth it. You guys have such a talent and what a lot of work you have put in, as well as Oksana to pull off such a polished performance. Onwards and upwards guys, can’t wait for the next show!

Carol Ann Wint

Had a fabulous evening watching our amazing daughter Alyssa Wint in Midsummer Stumbles at Launceston Town Hall by Oksigen Theatre. What a great show by so many talented people. If you have a spare few hours go along and support them, you will not be disappointed.

Nicola Wint

Superb show. The costumes were incredible. Well done!

Sylvie Gianoglio

An absolutely brilliant production. I am so proud that Freya was part of it. Well done Oksana and all the cast.

Emma Berryman

Fantastic performance, everyone. It was amazing!

Demelza Sleeman

I feel sorry for anyone in the vicinity of Launceston who missed Midsummer Stumbles performed by Oksigen Theatre. It was superb! I don’t do false praise so believe me. Every single person gave their all in Midsummer Stumbles – credit goes to the whole of Oksigen Theatre and Oksana Wroath, in particular.

Liz Eagle

You were all amazing and I really enjoyed watching the play. Well done all you talented girls and guys.

Sarah Lopes-Fish

Thank you to all the team at Oksigen Theatre for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Front row seats and worth every penny. I took my 2 young girls and they were gripped from start to finish.  Well done all of you it was truly magical. Please let me know when the next production is, as I and my girls are fans.

Mike Baxendale

Amazing show; very inspired by the production!! Shivers down my spine and goosebumps; then tears at the end!! Great acting!

Emma Luckhurst